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Washington Whispers
Finally, a [url=http://www.a1healthcaregroup.com/Jordans.html]air jordans for sale[/url] federal proposition we can all get behind. The gang at Guinness is pushing Proposition 3-17. Yes, March 17, St. Patrick's Day. The goal: Make it a federal holiday. "The spirit of St. Patrick's Day is too much to contain in one day alone," Master Brewer Fergal Murray tells us. "By [url=http://www.a1healthcaregroup.com/Jordans.html]jordan 11 bred[/url] officially recognizing March 17, we are in essence providing people [url=http://www.jeremyscottforsneakers.com/]jeremy scott shoes online[/url] with another day on which to celebrate one of the world's greatest holidays." Guinness is seeking 1 million signatures on a petition it will submit to Congress on St. Paddy's Day. Too bad they didn't [url=http://www.wingssneakers4u.com/]jeremy scott shoes[/url] try this last year. It might have given us a three-day holiday this year.
"Um, Medved whatever."
Sen. Hillary Clinton, at the Democratic presidential debate last week in Ohio, stumbling over the name of Russia's likely new president, Dmitri Medvedev
"At least we've got somebody older than me in the race. That's good."
Sen. John McCain, the 71-year-old GOP presidential candidate, on the decision by Ralph Nader, 74, [url=http://www.jeremyscottforshoes.com/]adidas wings[/url] [url=http://www.a1healthcaregroup.com/Jordans.html]jordans for sale[/url] to enter the race as an independent
"I don't answer those humiliating questions. But whichever one it is, I look good in 'em."
Sen. Barack Obama, choosing a different path than Bill Clinton did in the past in refusing to answer the question: Boxers or briefs?
"He's a really good guy. He's finally going to be the son that George never had."
Laura Bush, the first lady, on her daughter Jenna's fianc Henry Hager
Sources: New York Times, Chicago Tribune, US Weekly, CBS Early Show
Being a presidential contender has its perks, especially for Republican long shot Mike Huckabee. This week Huckabee received a letter and autographed photo of singer Peter Cetera, a solo star and an original member of the band Chicago. "It did more than that. I was totally awestruck to get a letter from Peter Cetera." Huckabee says that Cetera was just featured on the cover of Bass Player magazine Huck's a subscriber and Cetera even sent nike air max blue him a signed copy of the issue. "Aside from running [url=http://www.jeremyscottforsneakers.com/]jeremy scott adidas[/url] for president, having one of the celine store greatest bass players in my generation give me a compliment is like winning New Hampshire," says Huck.
Sen. Hillary Clinton and her team aren't the only ones who hate the press. A new poll from our buddy John Zogby finds that 67 percent of air max trainers Americans think the media are out of touch with what they want. What's more, the Internet is king and is now the primary news source for 48 percent of the nation. Only those 65 and older favor a primary news source other than the Internet. News are shifting to the Web and moving to deliver more news readers want. Other notable findings in the study:
the vast majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the quality of journalism (64 percent), overall satisfaction has increased to 35 percent in this survey from 27 percent in 2007.
traditional and new media are viewed as important for the future of journalism percent believe professional journalism has a vital role to play in the nation's future, although citizen journalism (77 percent) and blogging (59 percent) are also seen as significant by most Americans.
few Americans (1 percent) consider blogs their most trusted source of news or their primary source of news (1 percent).
in four (75 percent) believe the Internet has had a positive impact on the overall quality of journalism.
percent believe media companies are becoming too large and powerful to allow for competition, while 17 percent believe they are the right size to adequately compete.
Republicans (79 percent) than Democrats (50 percent) feel disenchanted with the media.
If you think the recent photo [url=http://www.wingssneakers4u.com/]adidas jeremy scott[/url] of Barack Obama wearing a turban is a cheap shot, well you ain't seen nothin' yet. Ranging from silly to the downright offensive, the designs are created and uploaded by millions of would-be entrepreneurs, who then pick which products to emblazon them on and even set the price. "We have a review process that keeps [url=http://www.a1healthcaregroup.com/Isabel-Marant-Sneakers.html]isabel marant sneakers[/url] out too much love or too much hate," CafePress CEO Fred Durham says of the more than 250,000 designs displayed on the website at any given time.
He tells our Alex Markels that the sales trends can offer clues to where the election is headed. For example, sales of Obama paraphernalia have surged ever since his first "Yes We Can" speech, and "almost all of it is positive," Durham says of the results of the CafePress meter, which shows Obama outselling his rivals on both sides of the political aisle by about 4 to 1. And while sales of Mitt Romney goods have long since dropped to zero, "McCain isn't really rising," Durham says of the Arizona senator's meager 2.93 percent share of overall election sales, "which could be a good indicator of how the general election is going to go."
When is a wave of snail mail and E-mail from a national politician a sign of desperation and when is it an indication of a stunning comeback? Here's a sign. Among the three letters we received from Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign in a week, one announced that "The Race Is On" right as the national press is suggesting it's over.
"With so much at stake, I know that I can count on you," she pens, while soliciting $50. Even the envelope announces that "The air max 97 Race Is On":
Then there's the letter from Chelsea Clinton looking for help in next week's primary elections. "You know my mom is working her heart out," she tells us. Finally, check out Bubba's plea for cash to air a Clinton ad. "We have to give Hillary the resources she needs to make this a fair fight," Bill Clinton, the original Comeback Kid, urges. Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey has had her share of trouble keeping a lawyer. But now a judge has stuck her back with a lawyer she fired from her case last year, and the case is finally headed to court. Palfrey, accused of running a high-end prostitution ring inside the District, made nike air max headlines when she vowed to expose all the high-level Washington figures who had used her escort service, which she maintains was perfectly legal. A top State Department official, Randall Tobias, resigned when she said he'd been a client. Palfrey's tactics were made all the more dramatic by her civil defense lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, a solo practitioner with a penchant for wearing kilts (sometimes inside the courtroom) and celine bags online suing everyone who gets in his way including the Supreme Court. Disagreements over legal strategy led Palfrey to fire her first criminal defense attorney, A. J. Though she wanted Sibley to represent her, the judge was against appointing anyone without a criminal defense background, which Sibley lacked. Instead, the judge turned to Preston Burton, a former federal prosecutor who has had experience with women as part of the defense team for Monica Lewinsky. But the Palfrey-Burton match did not last long of similar disagreements about legal strategy. Instead, Palfrey decided to handle the case on her own, though she still turned to Sibley for advice. That partnership began to falter early this year when Palfrey dropped Sibley, too. Though she has represented herself, Judge James Robertson yesterday persuaded her to take a court-appointed lawyer once again. The judge's choice: Burton. Burton tells our Emma Schwartz that he's looking forward to trial in April but won't say why his [url=http://www.a1healthcaregroup.com/Isabel-Marant-Sneakers.html]isabel marant[/url] client agreed to hire someone she once fired. Still, one difference is clear: Sibley is no longer in the picture.
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